30 Days, 30 Ways to Save: Warehouse Clubs

by Kristi on July 13, 2010

Are you wondering if joining a warehouse club is worth the money? I know I was a little hesitant to join one earlier this year because I wasn’t sure that I’d save any money after paying the initial fee to join. Today, I want to show you some price comparisons to help show you how much money you really can save by joining a warehouse club. I chose items that many of us purchase and that won’t take us a year to go through. See the savings for yourself:

Del Monte Green Beans

BJ’s Warehouse- $5.99/8= .75/14.5 oz can

Sam’s Club- $9.34/12= .78/14. 5 oz can

Super Target .92/ 14.5 oz can

JIF Peanut Butter

BJs Warehouse- $6.99 (2pk/2 – 40 oz jars)

Sam’s Club-$6.72 (2pk- 40 oz jars)

Super Target- $8.99 (2pk/2- 40 oz jars)

Smuckers Grape Jelly

BJs Warehouse- $3.49 (2 pk/2- 22 oz)

Sam’s Club- $3.22 (2pk/ 2- 32 oz)

Super Target- $2.04 (1-32 oz)

In making the comparisons, I didn’t include any coupons savings, but both Super Target and BJ’s allow you to use coupons. After shopping at all three, I feel that joining a warehouse club will most likely get you a lower per item price than if you purchased from a traditional grocery store.

Tip: If you have the option to split the membership with a family member or friend, I think that it will pay itself off in a few months.


The Proverbs Wife July 14, 2010 at 9:03 pm

Hi Kristi, I stumbled this post.

Elly @ The OCD Chronicles July 17, 2010 at 6:29 pm

I love shopping at Sam's Club! I'm lucky because my dad got me a card through his membership, so I don't have to pay for it. I save so much money by getting the stuff I use a lot from Sam's.

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