Making Money on eBay: What to Do if an Item Doesn’t Sell?

by Kristi on March 15, 2011

If you have an item listed on eBay and it didn’t sell, don’t give up hope.  Your item still has a chance to sell, but first you need to go back and take a look at your listing. Make sure you have followed this list of key ingredients to having a successful eBay listing.  If your listing is perfect, then try listing the product at a different time of day than you did originally.

Most of the time it is not that someone didn’t want your item, it may be that the right buyer wasn’t seeing your listing!

Ebay even encourages you to relist your item by automatically giving you an insertion fee credit  if your relisting meets the following requirements:

  • It is your first relist of that item

  • The listing is in auction-style format.

  • Item is a single quantity.

  • You relist your item within 90 days of the closing date of the original listing.

  • You must use the Relist button attached to the auction.

  • The starting price for the relisted item is the same or less than the original listing.

  • No reserve price (unless the original had one).

  • The item sells.

Keep in mind that only the insertion fee is credited.  You will not get any money back for adding upgrades to your listing.

Have you had success relisting items on eBay when they didn’t initially sell the first go round?

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